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About Us

Model with Michael:

Models work with professional fashion photographer, Michael J. Traynor, to create timeless photos



Model Photography: Before and After Shot of Model

Before & After Photographs of Model

Left: Before Photograph as Model Appeared for Shoot
Right: Photograph of the Same Model
with hair, make-up, lighting and outfit designed by Michael J. Traynor

Michael enjoys working with female models. He taught many women who had never modeled before how to succeed in a modeling career, providing them with model portfolios and insight into how to land their first modeling gig.

Unlike most other model photographers, who expect the model to strike all the appropriate poses, Michael designs the image to highlight a model's assets. From make-up and hairstyling, to designing outfits and the right lighting, Michael orchestrates it all. To view a selection of his model photographs, please visit our model page.




Michael's goal is always to bring out a woman's inner beauty. Each model plays many roles in life: powerful, sassy, sweet, confident, sensual, playful...

With his images he aspires to capture the many facets of a woman, letting her sparkle like a well-cut and polished diamond




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